Our customer magazine K>Mobil

In this area, we present the latest editions of our semi-annual customer magazine and offer them for download. The magazine addresses customers, associations, suppliers and friends of the KIRCHHOFF company group. Learn more about innovations, new products, strategies and investments of the four business departments of the KIRCHHOFF Group.


Here you find our current image brochure about the company, products and core competences.

K>MOBIL No. 56

Summer edition 2021

K>MOBIL No. 55

Winter edition 2020

K>MOBIL No. 54

Winter edition 2019

K>MOBIL No. 53

Summer edition 2019

K>MOBIL No. 52

Winter edition 2018

K>MOBIL No. 51

Summer edition 2018

K>MOBIL No. 50

Winter edition 2017

K>MOBIL No. 49

Summer edition 2017

K>MOBIL No. 48

Winter edition 2016

K>MOBIL No. 47

Summer edition 2016

K>MOBIL No. 46

Winter edition 2015

K>MOBIL No. 45

Summer edition 2015

K>MOBIL No. 44

Winter edition 2014

K>MOBIL No. 43

Summer edition 2014

K>MOBIL No. 42

Winter edition 2013

K>MOBIL No. 41

Summer edition 2013

K>MOBIL No. 40

Winter edition 2012

Image brochure FAUN

Image brochure KIRCHHOFF Automotive

Image brochure KIRCHHOFF Group

Image brochure WITTE Tools Ball Joint Bit Holder

Image brochure WITTE Tools PROTOP VDE slim

Image broschure WITTE Tools BITCOMMANDER

Image broschure WITTE Tools Impact-Bit