We make children's eyes light up

Garbage trucks and sweepers have always had a fascinating effect on small and large vehicle fans. This is also the case for us, the employees of KIRCHHOFF Ecotec. We are the disposal logistics and street cleaning division of the globally active KIRCHHOFF Group.

At home in 15 countries with 26 plants and 48 locations, we are always in active conversation with our clientele. We know them. They know us. Whether it's the waste disposal company around the corner or a globally active recycling company, we are united by a passion for shaping material cycles and designing products to develop ever more efficient logistics to protect the environment. We are an important part of the circular economy and assume active social responsibility.

We are the world's first supplier to put production-ready commercial vehicles with hydrogen fuel cell drive systems on the road, because our goal is a zero-emission transportation sector. 6,000 enthusiastic employees do their utmost to ensure that the vehicle fleets of our global customers meet the highest quality standards and are always on the road. We are working on autonomous vehicle concepts and the targeted use of AI.

Our contribution to the circular economy: 100% clean technology

The KIRCHHOFF Ecotec group includes the strong FAUN and ZOELLER brands as well as national and international vehicle brands: https://www.kirchhoff-ecotec.de/

For a clean environment and for our children!